Storm Gomoku Crank


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Clear Pink (CLP)
Orange (OG)
Ugicha (UGC)

The Storm Gomoku Crank is a tiny 38mm deep-running crank that quickly dives to 1.5 metres. It’s hydrodynamic moulded bib design avoids snags and bounces off structure, while at the same time improving the casting possibilities of this small lure. 

Perfect for Bream, Redfin and Trout, it is about as easy to use as fishing lures come. Simply cast it out and slowly wind it back, let the expertly designed bib bring it alive, producing a tight erratic shimmy irresistible to predatory fish. Available in a host of excellent fresh and saltwater colours, this is one every keen light line lure angler should have in their boox. 



  • Fasting diving to 5ft, allows you longer time in the zone
  • Integrated aerodynamically molded bib helps it bounce over structure
  • High bouyancy & reverse floating on pause
  • Super long casting for its small size
  • High pitch tail kicking action
  • Multi-ball rattle system for added attraction
  • VMC nickel plated hooks



  • Length: 3.8cm
  • Weight: 5g
  • Dive Depth: 1.5m
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Clear Pink (CLP), Orange (OG), Ugicha (UGC)