Storm Gomoku Kensaki


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Naked Flash Zebra (DF3) 120g
Naked Flash Zebra (DF3) 40g
Naked Flash Zebra (DF3) 80g
Orange Zebra (0Z) 170g
Silver Pink Zebra (SPZ) 170g
Silver Pink Zebra (SPZ) 40g
Silver Pink Zebra (SPZ) 80g
UV Chartreuse Glow Zebra (UVCGZ) 170g
UV Chartreuse Glow Zebra (UVCGZ) 40g
UV Chartreuse Glow Zebra (UVCGZ) 80g
UV Green Sardine Zebra (UVGSZ) 120g
UV Green Sardine Zebra (UVGSZ) 40g
UV Green Sardine Zebra (UVGSZ) 80g

STORM GOMOKU KENSAKI JIG – The Gomoku Kensaki with its flawless knife-tip design and asymmetrical shape has been designed to cut through the water and get down deep like no other micro jig. Keeping the jig stable during its descent are the inline eyelets that enhance the fluttering action under a slack line. 

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Naked Flash Zebra (DF3) 120g, Naked Flash Zebra (DF3) 40g, Naked Flash Zebra (DF3) 80g, Orange Zebra (0Z) 170g, Silver Pink Zebra (SPZ) 170g, Silver Pink Zebra (SPZ) 40g, Silver Pink Zebra (SPZ) 80g, UV Chartreuse Glow Zebra (UVCGZ) 170g, UV Chartreuse Glow Zebra (UVCGZ) 40g, UV Chartreuse Glow Zebra (UVCGZ) 80g, UV Green Sardine Zebra (UVGSZ) 120g, UV Green Sardine Zebra (UVGSZ) 40g, UV Green Sardine Zebra (UVGSZ) 80g