Storm Gomoku Slow Rocker


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Black Zebra/Red (BZ) 40g
Black Zebra/Red (BZ) 70g
Naked Flash (NF) 40g
Naked Flash (NF) 70g
UV Blue Fusilier (UVSB) 40g
UV Blue Fusilier (UVSB) 70g
UV Naked Flash Zebra (UVNFZ) 40g
UV Naked Flash Zebra (UVNFZ) 70g

The Storm Slow Rocker Jig is the newest edition to the Storm jig range. The Rocker is designed for slow-pitch style jigging aimed at the bottom dwelling species. With a shorter / wider profile, it horizontally flutters on the drop, enticing fish to bite.

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Black Zebra/Red (BZ) 40g, Black Zebra/Red (BZ) 70g, Naked Flash (NF) 40g, Naked Flash (NF) 70g, UV Blue Fusilier (UVSB) 40g, UV Blue Fusilier (UVSB) 40g 2, UV Blue Fusilier (UVSB) 70g, UV Naked Flash Zebra (UVNFZ) 40g, UV Naked Flash Zebra (UVNFZ) 70g