Storm SX-Soft Vib – Single Pack

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This vibration lure is designed to be fished at multiple depths. Built for big fish, the VIB features tough VMC hooks, internal weight and through-wired crimped construction.With it’s tight, sinking, vibrating action; you can fish the VIB top to bottom for a range of salt & freshwater species.


  • Tight vibrating action draws fish in from a wide area
  • Completely silent makes this lure extremely stealthy
  • Up to 135 lb wire through construction
  • Non-memory wire allows a bent lure to return to shape easily
  • Hard PVC body is super resistant to big fish
  • VMC nickel hooks


Length: 70mm

Weight: 18g


Colours in images:

Silver, Pearl & Orange, Bone, Hologram Pink & Hologram Candy

Additional information

Bone, Hologram Candy, Hologram Pink, SCG – Silver, Pearl & Orange