Sufix Siege Monofilament Line


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15kg/33lb - 0.45mm
3.1kg/6.9lb - 0.20mm
4.2kg/9.2lb - 0.23mm
5kg/11lb - 0.25mm
6.2kg/13.6lb - 0.28mm
7.2kg/15.8lb - 0.30mm
9.4kg/20.7lb - 0.35mm

Sufix Siege™ has superior casting distance with pinpoint accuracy due to its proprietary extrusion process. It has up to 15X greater abrasion resistance then other lines on the market and has exceptional knot strength and smooth handling. 



  • Superior casting distance with pinpoint accuracy due to its Proprietary Extrusion Process
  • Up to 15X greater abrasion resistance
  • Exceptional knot strength and smooth handling
  • Smooth, supple, handles beautifully – yet it is exceptionally strong
  • G² Precision Winding™ (4-20 lb; excludes 3000 yd. spools) virtually eliminates line memory, even on spinning reels


All sizes come in 300m spools.

Colour: Low Vis Green

Additional information

15kg/33lb – 0.45mm, 15kg/33lb – 0.45mm – 300m, 3.1kg/6.9lb – 0.20mm, 3.1kg/6.9lb – 0.20mm – 300m, 4.2kg/9.2lb – 0.23mm, 4.2kg/9.2lb – 0.23mm – 300m, 5kg/11lb – 0.25mm, 5kg/11lb – 0.25mm – 300m, 6.2kg/13.6lb – 0.28mm, 6.2kg/13.6lb – 0.28mm – 300m, 7.2kg/15.8lb – 0.30mm, 7.2kg/15.8lb – 0.30mm – 300m, 9.4kg/20.7lb – 0.35mm, 9.4kg/20.7lb – 0.35mm – 300m