Sufix Supreme Monofilament


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11.0kg/24lb - 0.40mm
13.7kg/30lb - 0.45mm
4.5kg/10lb - 0.25mm
6.6kg/14.5lb - 0.30mm

A special blend of the finest copolymer nylon provides durability plus other essential properties needed for performance fishing. Fishermen have been successfully using Sufix fishing products for over 25 years. The sufix name is your assurance of high quality and excellent product performance.



  • High tensile and knot strength
  • Tough abrasion resistance 
  • Proper limpness for easy casting and handling


All sizes come in 300m spools.

Colour: Green

Additional information

11.0/24lb – 0.40mm, 11.0/24lb – 0.40mm – 300m, 11.0kg/24lb – 0.40mm, 13.7kg/30lb – 0.45mm, 13.7kg/30lb – 0.45mm – 300m, 4.5kg/10lb – 0.25mm, 4.5kg/10lb – 0.25mm – 300m, 5.8kg/12.8lb – 0.28mm, 5.8kg/12.8lb – 0.28mm – 300m, 6.6kg/14.5lb – 0.30mm, 6.6kg/14.5lb – 0.30mm – 300m, 8.8kg/19.4lb – 0.35mm, 8.8kg/19.4lb – 0.35mm – 300m