Sufix Wind-On Casting Leader


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0.40mm - 20lb - 1.5m
0.50mm - 30lb - 1.5m
0.60mm - 40lb - 1.5m
0.71mm - 50lb - 1.8m
0.79mm - 60lb - 1.5m

Sufix Wind-On fluorocarbon leaders are the choice of top captains and tournament anglers. This versatile leaders attach to the mainline in seconds without knots or swivels. They allow the leader to wind-on the reel through the rod guides. This makes it easier to play a fish in tight for a successful landing or release.


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0.40mm – 20lb – 1.5m, 0.50mm – 30lb – 1.5m, 0.60mm – 40lb – 1.5m, 0.71mm – 50lb – 1.8m, 0.79mm – 60lb – 1.5m