SureCatch Bait Needles


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L: 130mm D: 1.0mm (Qty 5)
L: 150mm D: 1.2mm (Qty 4)

The least amount of time any bait spends out of the water the better. With the tuna or baits of a similar size, bridle rigs work best for a variety of reasons. Most importantly, when slowly towed behind the boat, the bridle rig allows the bait to be pulled from the front of the fish. Secondly, the bridle rig is compatible with both circle and ‘J’ style hooks. Lastly, it is quick and easy to do. Loop an elastic band to the eye of the bait needle. Place the bait needle through the front of the eye socket, without damaging the eye itself and slowly pull the needle through until both ends of the elastic band are poking out either side of the fish’s head. Place your hook through the ends of the rubber band; twist it a couple of times, then go back through the loop you have created to hold it.

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L: 130mm D: 1.0mm (Qty 5), L: 150mm D: 1.2mm (Qty 4)