SureCatch Energy Tournament Braided Line

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A low diameter to breaking strain ratio allows anglers to fish lighter for more bites, yet retain the strenth needed to muscle out big fish from nasty habitat. The thinness also allows for exceptional casting abilities and less drag through the water, making this braid ideal for us as a lure fishing line.


Additional information

10lb – 0.22mm – 150m, 10lb/4.5kg – 0.22mm – 150m, 14lb – 0.25mm – 150m, 14lb/6.4kg – 0.25mm – 150m, 20lb – 0.28mm – 150m, 20lb – 0.28mm – 300m, 20lb/9.1kg – 0.28mm – 150m, 20lb/9.1kg – 0.28mm – 300m, 30lb – 0.34mm – 300m, 30lb/13.6kg – 0.34mm – 300m, 50lb – 0.42mm – 300m, 50lb/22.7kg – 0.42mm – 300m, 6lb – 0.15mm – 150m, 6lb/2.7kg – 0.15mm – 150m, ENERGY BRAID Size 10lb/4.5kg 0.22mm 150m, ENERGY BRAID Size 14lb/6.4kg 0.25mm 150m, ENERGY BRAID Size 20lb/9.1kg 0.28mm 150m, ENERGY BRAID Size 20lb/9.1kg 0.28mm 300m, ENERGY BRAID Size 30lb/13.6kg 0.34mm 300m, ENERGY BRAID Size 50lb/22.7kg 0.42mm 300m, ENERGY BRAID Size 6lb/2.7kg 0.15mm 150m