SureCatch MaxGuard Fillet Glove


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Keep your fingers and hands protected with the MAXGUARD FILLET GLOVE from SureCatch. Constructed from an advanced cut-resistant stainless steel core, and interwoven hi-grade polyester (PE), this will give you maximum protection and piece of mind against accidental slips of the knife.

Suitable for fisherman, outdoorsman or handyman, the MAXGUARD glove is also easy to wear, providing long-term comfort and is highly resistant to stains and odours.

The uniformed and seamless weave design is able to provide a good ventilation and serious protection when you are filleting a fish, shucking oysters, cutting meat, or even handling high abrasion steel wires and leaders. It can also be used to protect your hands against sharp glass edges or metal at home or at the workshop.



  • Tough Stainless Steel Inner Core
  • Tough PE Material
  • Advanced Cut Resistance
  • Great for Shucking Oysters and Filleting Fish
  • Fits both Left and Right Hand


MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS: Can be machine washed with detergents, or soaked in hot water for a more thorough clean.

Important Note: While the SureCatch MAXGUARD is extremely and highly resistant to cuts, it is not cut-proof nor puncture resistant. DO NOT USE with moving or serrated blades.

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