Taylormade Basscada


Black Prince
Corroberee Frog
Green Grocer
Red Drummer

50mm | Surface | Ideal for Bass & Cod


The Basscada is a really well-designed replica of a cicada in both body structure and action. In a range of colours to suit the environment or angler preference, they fish well in a large majority of freshwater conditions and also some saltwater estuaries where cicadas swarm the trees. Being handcrafted and designed out of timber makes them more natural than a lot of your metallic and artificial lures and also gives it that natural buoyant floatation on the surface. The benefit of these handcrafted lures is that your ensured that they are well trialled and tested before put on the market with very high catch rate when fished in the right environment.



  • Corroberee Frog (CF)
  • Black Prince (#3)
  • Red Drummer (Red)
  • Purple Clown (PC)
Additional information

Black Prince, Black Prince (#3), Clown, Corroberee Frog, Corroberee Frog (CF), Green Grocer, Green Grocer (#1), Purple Clown (PC), Red Drummer, Red Drummer (Red)