Tokuryo Finesse Game x4 Braid


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10.1lb - 150m
15.4lb - 150m
25.3lb - 150m
29.9lb - 300m
49.9lb - 300m
5.9lb - 150m
79.9lb - 300m
8.8lb - 150m

Tokuryo Line Lab Finesse Game 4 Braid is made from 100% Japanese UHMWPE raw material. Tokuryo Braid is a quality 4 carrier PE line that offers superior qualities for a 4 carrier braid at exceptional pricing. It’s construction produces a tighter weave, creates a reduce diameter and smoother finish. The SI-Coated treatment also helps to produce a super smooth surface that creates far less friction noise than common braids. It is the perfect choice for finesse fishing situations where it’s slow stretch core, high sensitivity, superb bite detection and exceptional casting distance are essential.

Colour: Pink 


Line Class P.E Rating Diameter
5.9lb 0.3 0.09mm
8.8lb 0.6 0.13mm
10.1lb 0.8 0.15mm
15.4lb 1.5 0.20mm
25.3lb 2.0 0.24mm
29.9lb 2.5 0.26mm
49.9lb 5.0 0.38mm
79.9lb 8.0 0.48mm


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10.1lb – 150m, 15.4lb – 150m, 25.3lb – 150m, 29.9lb – 300m, 49.9lb – 300m, 5.9lb – 150m, 79.9lb – 300m, 8.8lb – 150m