Tsunami Premium Squid Jigs


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Blue Mackerel 2.5
Blue Mackerel 3.0
Bright Orange Black Stripes 2.5
Bright Orange Black Stripes 3.0
Fish Skin Pink 2.5
Fish Skin Pink 3.0
Green Tiger 2.5
Green Tiger 3.0

Tsunami Pro Squid Jigs feature the latest materials and designs, giving you a range of striking finishes so you have the edge you need to consistently land quality squid. Each Pro Squid Jig has been designed by an expert, with perfectly-balanced weight and an enticing swimming action. The high-quality pins and holographic red eyes add a touch of class to these jigs, which are sure to become the favourite of many Aussie squid fishers. 

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Blue Mackerel 2.5, Blue Mackerel 3.0, Bright Orange Black Stripes 2.5, Bright Orange Black Stripes 3.0, Fish Skin Pink 2.5, Fish Skin Pink 3.0, Green Tiger 2.5, Green Tiger 3.0