TT Lures Snake EyeZ Jig Heads


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Chart. 3/0XH - 1/4oz
Pearl 3/0XH - 1/4oz
Pearl 3/0XH - 1/6oz
Pearl 3/0XH - 3/8oz
Pink 3/0XH - 1/4oz
Pink 3/0XH - 1/6oz
Pink 3/0XH - 3/8oz

TT Lures Big EyeZ series brought the addition of a large, bulging, 3D eye to the popular HeadlockZ range and now the new Snake EyeZ deliver the same strike trigger in a weedless, articulated jighead.

Built on a heavy duty Mustad, black nickel, chemically sharpened worm hook, with TT’s ‘chin lock’ keeper to lock your soft plastic in place, Snake EyeZ feature a hand-painted head and realistic 3D eyes in a selection of popular natural and UV reactive colours that will match anglers’ favourite plastics, while attracting the bite!

The articulated head creates maximum action and the through wire, in-built stainless steel quick clip system allows hook sizes and head colours / weights to be quickly and easily interchanged. This clip system has proven itself in the current SnakelockZ range and is tested to 75lb.

Snake EyeZ come in a 3 pack, with 5 colours in the range, offering both natural and UV reactive colour options, along with glow eye options. In each head colour there is the option of 3 head weights, 1/6oz / 1/4oz and 3/8oz, in 5 hook sizes to suit a wide range of soft plastics and target species – 2/0 / 3/0 / 4/0 / 5/0 and 6/0.



  • Chartreuse Red EyeZ
  • Pearl Glow EyeZ
  • Pink Silver EyeZ
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Chart. 3/0XH – 1/4oz, Pearl 3/0XH – 1/4oz, Pearl 3/0XH – 1/6oz, Pearl 3/0XH – 3/8oz, Pink 3/0XH – 1/4oz, Pink 3/0XH – 1/6oz, Pink 3/0XH – 3/8oz