Vexed Bottom Meat Jig


110g Chartreuse Glow
110g Lumo Glow
110g Lumo Pinkhead
110g Orange Glow
110g Pink Glow
110g Sardine Glow
110g Silver RH Glow
150g Abalone Glow
150g Chartreuse Glow
150g Lumo Glow
150g Lumo Glow Spot*
150g Lumo Pinkhead
150g Orange Glow
150g Pink Glow
150g Sardine Glow
150g Silver RH Glow
1kg Lumo Glow
1kg Orange Glow
1kg Pink Glow Stripe
1kg Sardine Glow
1kg Silver Glow
200g Abalone Glow
200g Chartreuse Glow
200g Lumo Glow
200g Lumo Glow Spot*
200g Lumo Pinkhead
200g Orange Glow
200g Pink Glow
200g Sardine Glow
200g Silver RH Glow
20g Chartreuse Glow
20g Lumo Glow
20g Lumo Glow Spot*
20g Lumo Pinkhead
20g Orange Glow
20g Orange Glow*
20g Pink Glow
20g Sardine Glow
20g Silver RH Glow
250g Abalone Glow
250g Chartreuse Glow
250g Lumo Glow
250g Lumo Pinkhead
250g Orange Glow
250g Pink Glow
250g Sardine Glow
250g Silver RH Glow
300g Abalone Glow
300g Chartreuse Glow
300g Lumo Glow Spot
300g Orange Glow
300g Pink Glow
300g Pink Glow*
300g Sardine Glow
300g Silver RH Glow
350g Abalone Glow
350g Chartreuse Glow
350g Lumo Glow Spot
350g Orange Glow
350g Pink Glow
350g Sardine Glow
40g Chartreuse Glow
40g Lumo Glow
40g Lumo Glow*
40g Lumo Pinkhead
40g Orange Glow
40g Orange Glow*
40g Pink Glow
40g Pink Glow*
40g Sardine Glow
40g Silver RH Glow
500g Abalone Glow
500g Chartreuse Glow
500g Lumo Glow
500g Orange Glow
500g Pink Glow
500g Red Glow
500g Sardine
500g Sardine Glow
500g Silver RH Glow
60g Chartreuse Glow
60g Lumo Glow
60g Lumo Pinkhead
60g Orange Glow
60g Pink Glow
60g Sardine Glow
60g Silver RH Glow
750g Chartreuse Glow
750g Lumo Glow
750g Orange Glow
750g Pink Glow
750g Red Glow
750g Sardine Glow
750g Silver Glow
80g Chartreuse Glow
80g Lumo Glow
80g Lumo Glow Spot*
80g Lumo Pinkhead
80g Orange Glow
80g Pink Glow
80g Sardine Glow
80g Silver RH Glow

2022 Updated Colours now available!

The Vexed Bottom Meat is the first hybrid jig/bait system of its kind designed for filthy baito’s who are wanting to gently thumb themselves into the work of artificial. Designed with an intense UV Glow dhu bomb head and tied with high quality Harbor hooks, Japenese assist cord, stainless steel split rings and finished with aglowing lumo squid, the Vexed Bottom Meat won’t let you down. 

This concept is the perfect way to drop baits deep with thinner PE and lighter, more modern slow pitch outfits. Making it not only more fun, but more responsive and less tiring. Now to the fun part… Add a big smelly octopus leg, whole squid, large fish strip or whole pilchard or fish, and send the large meat to the bottom, and get ready to hold on!

The question is “Do you want to catch a bigger fish than your mate?”


Please note: Jig head colours may vary slightly from images shown. Skirt colours may also vary. Asterisk “*” indicates this colour will soon be discontinued.

Additional information

110g Chartreuse Glow, 110g Lumo Glow, 110g Lumo Pinkhead, 110g Orange Glow, 110g Pink Glow, 110g Sardine Glow, 110g Silver RH Glow, 150g Abalone Glow, 150g Chartreuse Glow, 150g Lumo Glow, 150g Lumo Glow Spot*, 150g Lumo Pinkhead, 150g Orange Glow, 150g Pink Glow, 150g Sardine Glow, 150g Silver RH Glow, 1kg Lumo Glow, 1kg Orange Glow, 1kg Pink Glow Stripe, 1kg Sardine Glow, 1kg Silver Glow, 200g Abalone Glow, 200g Chartreuse Glow, 200g Lumo Glow, 200g Lumo Glow Spot*, 200g Lumo Pinkhead, 200g Orange Glow, 200g Pink Glow, 200g Sardine Glow, 200g Silver RH Glow, 20g Chartreuse Glow, 20g Lumo Glow, 20g Lumo Glow Spot*, 20g Lumo Pinkhead, 20g Orange Glow, 20g Orange Glow*, 20g Pink Glow, 20g Sardine Glow, 20g Silver RH Glow, 250g Abalone Glow, 250g Chartreuse Glow, 250g Lumo Glow, 250g Lumo Pinkhead, 250g Orange Glow, 250g Pink Glow, 250g Sardine Glow, 250g Silver RH Glow, 300g Abalone Glow, 300g Chartreuse Glow, 300g Lumo Glow Spot, 300g Orange Glow, 300g Pink Glow, 300g Pink Glow*, 300g Sardine Glow, 300g Silver RH Glow, 350g Abalone Glow, 350g Chartreuse Glow, 350g Lumo Glow Spot, 350g Orange Glow, 350g Pink Glow, 350g Sardine Glow, 40g Chartreuse Glow, 40g Lumo Glow, 40g Lumo Glow*, 40g Lumo Pinkhead, 40g Orange Glow, 40g Orange Glow*, 40g Pink Glow, 40g Pink Glow*, 40g Sardine Glow, 40g Silver RH Glow, 500g Abalone Glow, 500g Chartreuse Glow, 500g Lumo Glow, 500g Orange Glow, 500g Pink Glow, 500g Red Glow, 500g Sardine, 500g Sardine Glow, 500g Silver RH Glow, 60g Chartreuse Glow, 60g Lumo Glow, 60g Lumo Pinkhead, 60g Orange Glow, 60g Pink Glow, 60g Sardine Glow, 60g Silver RH Glow, 750g Chartreuse Glow, 750g Lumo Glow, 750g Orange Glow, 750g Pink Glow, 750g Red Glow, 750g Sardine Glow, 750g Silver Glow, 80g Chartreuse Glow, 80g Lumo Glow, 80g Lumo Glow Spot*, 80g Lumo Pinkhead, 80g Orange Glow, 80g Pink Glow, 80g Sardine Glow, 80g Silver RH Glow