Vexed Cray Lord Head – Articulated


100g MOG
100g RRLG
150g MOG
150g ORSG
200g ORSG
200g RRLG
300g MOG
300g RRLG

The Vexed Cray Lord Head is the first ever lobster shaped articulated head design in the world. The Cray Lord Head has the most eye catching paint designs and laced with high intensity UV and glow. The Cray Lord Head has been designed be used with the Vexed Cray Lord Soft Bait (Paddle) Tails. These are so life like and will not be refused by big reef fish such as coral trout, dhufish, cod, grouper, red emperor, snapper and cubera.


Colour Codes:

LRS – Lumo Red Spot

RRLG – Red Rock Lobster Glow UV

MOG – Molting Orange Glow UV

ORSG – Orange Red Spot Glow UV

PRSG – Pink Red Spot Glow

LG – Lumo Glow


Please note: Image two shows this product rigged with the Cray Lord Paddle Tails, also available on our website.

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100g MOG, 100g RRLG, 150g MOG, 150g ORSG, 200g ORSG, 200g RRLG, 300g MOG, 300g RRLG