Vexed Flashy Occy Head Assists (Qty 5)


2.5" Glow UV
2.5" Orange Head Glow
2.5" Pink Head Glow
2.5" Solid Pink
2.5" UV Pink
3.5" Glow UV
3.5" Orange Head Glow
3.5" Pink Head Glow
3.5" Solid Pink
3.5" UV Pink
3.5" White Glow
3" Glow UV
3" Orange Head Glow
3" Pink Head Glow
3" Solid Pink
3" UV Pink
4" Glow UV
4" Orange Head Glow
4" Pink Head Glow
4" Solid Pink
4" UV Pink
4" White Glow

The Vexed Twin Flashy Occy Assists have been designed to use on slow pitch or inchiku style jigs as seen on the popular Vexed Dhu Drop jigs. Tied with high quality Japenese assist cord and super strong/sharp Harbor Hooks, these assists won’t let you down. They are finished off with a UV and/or Glow Harbor Occy Skirt with a splash of super flashy UV tinsel. Testing has proven that this combination of flash, glow, UV and octopus skirt no only gets more attention than old school bare assists, but also give the fish a target to bite resulting in more solid “inside the mouth” hook ups.  They are available in 2.5″, 3″, 3.5″ and 4″ skirt size options and a range of proven colours. You can add these to Vexed Dhu Bomb Heads, Bottom Meat or Bottom Sack’s for even more fish catching ability.

Ideal for targetting: Snapper, Dhufish, Coral Trout, Red Emperor, Groper, Cod, Trevally, Cobia, Kingfish and Amberjack.

Qty 5 per pack.

Please note colours may vary slightly from images shown.

Additional information

2.5" Glow UV, 2.5" Orange Head Glow, 2.5" Pink Head Glow, 2.5" Solid Pink, 2.5" UV Pink, 3.5" Glow UV, 3.5" Orange Head Glow, 3.5" Pink Head Glow, 3.5" Solid Pink, 3.5" UV Pink, 3.5" White Glow, 3" Glow UV, 3" Orange Head Glow, 3" Pink Head Glow, 3" Solid Pink, 3" UV Pink, 4" Glow UV, 4" Orange Head Glow, 4" Pink Head Glow, 4" Solid Pink, 4" UV Pink, 4" White Glow