Vexed Occy Head Jig


110g LGS
110g OG
110g SG
150g LGS
150g OG
150g SG
200g LGS
200g OG
200g PG
200g SRHG
300g LGS
300g OG
300g PG
300g PGS
40g LGS
40g OG
40g PG
60g LGS
60g OG
60g PG
80g LGS
80g OG
80g PG

How many times have you caught a reef fish and it has spat up a small octopus or cuttlefish? Well that’s why Vexed designed the Vexed Occy Head Jig. The Vexed Occy Head skirts are made from the latest Stretch Flex material which stretches beyond 10x its original size. The head component is a Vexed Dhu Bomb and come in a range of high intensity glow/UV colours and sizes from 40g – 300g.

This jig system works best when fished slow and deep with the occasional twitch to get the occy legs pulsing.


Additional information

110g LGS, 110g Lumo Glow Spot, 110g OG, 110g Orange Glow, 110g Sardine Glow, 110g SG, 150g LGS, 150g Lumo Glow Spot, 150g OG, 150g Orange Glow, 150g Sardine Glow, 150g SG, 200g CG, 200g LGS, 200g OG, 200g Orange Glow, 200g PG, 200g Silver Red Head G, 200g Silver Red Head Glow, 200g SRHG, 300g LGS, 300g Lumo Glow Spot, 300g OG, 300g Orange Glow, 300g PG, 300g PGS, 300g Pink Glow, 40g LGS, 40g Lumo Glow Spot, 40g OG, 40g Orange Glow, 40g PG, 40g Pink Glow, 60g LGS, 60g Lumo Glow, 60g Lumo Glow Spot, 60g OG, 60g Orange Glow, 60g PG, 60g Pink Glow, 80g LGS, 80g Lumo Glow, 80g Lumo Glow Spot, 80g OG, 80g Orange Glow, 80g PG, 80g Pink Glow