Vexed Reverse Drop In Jig


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1kg Chartreuse Glow
1kg Orange Glow
1kg Pink Glow
1kg Red Glow
400g Chartreuse Glow
400g Orange Glow
400g Pink Glow
400g Red Glow
600g Chartreuse Glow
600g Orange Glow
600g Pink Glow
600g Red Glow
750g Orange Glow
750g Pink Glow
750g Red Glow
750g Sardine Glow

The Vexed Reverse Drop In is a deep water jig rigged with either an octopus assist skirt or a twin glow flashy assist depending on the weight of the jig. These jigs have a full glow skeleton back for the ultimate vibration on fall and retrieve and a high intensity zebra glow finish on the front with a weighted step on the bottom end to make them plummet and kick. Available in 400g, 600g, 750g and 1kg.

Please note: Skirt or flashy assis colour may vary.

Additional information

11400g PG + Occy Skirt, 1kg CG, 1kg Chartreuse Glow, 1kg OG, 1kg Orange Glow, 1kg PG, 1kg Pink Glow, 1kg Red Glow, 1kg RG, 1kg SG + Flashy Assist, 400g CG, 400g Chartreuse Glow, 400g OG, 400g Orange Glow, 400g PG + Occy Skirt, 400g Pink Glow, 400g Red Glow, 400g Red Rigged, 600g CG, 600g Chartreuse Glow, 600g OG, 600g Orange Glow, 600g PG, 600g Pink Glow, 600g Red Glow, 600g RG, 750g CG +Flashy Assist, 750g OG, 750g Orange Glow, 750g PG, 750g Pink Glow, 750g Red Glow, 750g RG, 750g Sardine Glow, 750g SG