WFT Gliss Monotex Hybrid Fishing Line

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Japanese raw materials combine with German precision in the revolutionary GLISS fishing line—an almost mono-braid hybrid, for want of a better description—that is being described by anglers around the world as, “the best casting distance line I’ve ever used.”


GLISS line from German tackle company WFT has the slickness of mono, thinner diameters and better strength than braid, plus better casting performance than both. You might never fish with traditional braid or mono again.



  • Exceptional UV resistance
  • Extreme tensile strength
  • Impressive abrasion resistance and a highly colourfast finish
  • Thinner & stronger than braid
  • Incredible casting distance
  • Accurate line diameters 


Like with braid, it is advised you use good knots, and then simply enjoy casting further and catching more fish with WFT’s GLISS KG line.


Please note: All listings are for transparent/clear line unless otherwise listed.


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Additional information

18lbs – 0.14mm – 300m, 24lbs – 0.18mm – 300m, 9lbs – 0.10mm – 150m, 9lbs/0.10mm -150m (Y), Transparent – 11kg/24lbs – 300m – 0.18mm, Transparent – 4kg/9lbs – 150m – 0.10mm, Transparent – 8kg/18lbs – 300m – 0.14mm, Yellow – 4kg/9lbs – 150m / 0.10mm