Wilson GraphWrap Rods

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The Wilson GraphWrap is a series of rods designed to be durable and go the distance. Desgiend on a graphite composite core with a solid glass tip seamlessly incorporated, the GraphWrap series leaps beyond normal with a custom designed, powder giving graphite outer wrap spiral. 

The unique spiral wrap gives these rods incredible strength, which adds to the durability of these tough, ocean thug busting rods.

Designed in Australia to meet the demands of our harsh fishing enviroment, the Wilson Graphwrap series bring stoughness, durability and user-friendliness together in the one package.

Six model are in the range initially ranigng from 3-5kg spin rods up to 15-24kg spin and overhead rods.


RST5615 Wilson Graphwrap 5’6″ 1-piece spin 15-24kg
RST5615OH Wilson Graphwrap 5’6″ 1-piece overhead 15-24kg
RST61015 Wilson Graphwrap 6′ 1-piece spin 10-15kg
RST661015 Wilson Graphwrap 6’6″ 1-piece spin 10-15kg
RST66235 Wilson Graphwrap 6’6″ 2-piece spin 3-5kg
RST7068 Wilson Graphwrap 7′ 1-piece spin 6-8kg
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