Yo-Zuri Crystal 3D Shrimp (SS)


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70mm - HP
70mm - HRT - UV Colour
70mm - HTS
70mm - LSAC - Glow
90mm - HGS
90mm - HP
90mm - HRT - UV Colour
90mm - HTS
90mm - LSAC - Glow

The newly updated Yo-Zuri Crystal 3D Shrimp is a realistic looking hard bodied lure featuring an internationally patented 3D Prime Internal Finish. This lure produces a brilliant shine that reflects like facets of a diamond, flashing in all directions, attracting fish from far distances. Additional finishes include Ultra Violet accents and glow-in-the-dark patterns, for any water condition. The lifelike rubber legs, pulsating and tough holographic Mylar tinsel tail, and slow falling action completes the look of a real swimming shrimp.




70mm = 6.5g / 1/4oz

90mm = 12.5g / 7/16oz

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70mm – HP, 70mm – HRT – UV Colour, 70mm – HTS, 70mm – LSAC – Glow, 90mm – HGS, 90mm – HP, 90mm – HRT – UV Colour, 90mm – HTS, 90mm – LSAC – Glow, HGS 90mm, HRT, HRT 90mm, LSAC, LSAC 90mm