Zerek Tango Shad Suspending 69mm


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(F) Fat Betty
(S) Ayu
(S) Big Willy
(S) Bloodnut
(S) Bogan Mullet
(S) Fat Betty
(S) Lime Minnow

Borrowing heavily from the original tango shad, the 69mm version was designed to run at around 2.4m with the same enticing action of the 50mm version.

Available in floating and suspending versions, this opens the 69mm Tango Shad up to species such as flathead, big bream, mangrove jack, golden perch, trout and barra.

The new version is fitted out with the sensational Mustad 4x Saltism treble, a treble specifically designed for lure fishing with an in-line eye to position the hooks perfectly around the lure.



  • Length: 69mm
  • Weight: 11.5g
  • Depth: 2.5m
  • Available in Floating (F) or Suspending (S)
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(F) Fat Betty, (S) Ayu, (S) Big Willy, (S) Bloodnut, (S) Bogan Mullet, (S) Fat Betty, (S) Lime Minnow, AYU, Big Willy (BW), Bloodnut (BUV), BM, Bogan Mullet (BM), BUV, BW, FAB, Fat Betty (FAB), Fat Betty (FAB) – Floating, Lime Minnow (LM), LM