Zerek Gadget Z Lure Boxes


Airtight - Large
Double Sided - Large
Double Sided - Small

Zerek has released a range of storage trays to keep your tackle in the best shape possible. Worm proof and TPE plastic safe, the Gadget Z range from Zerek makes use of a large rubber seal to keep these boxes airtight preventing water from getting in to destory the lures inside.

Made from polypropylene material, the standard Gadget Z trays comes with removeable compartment separators to allow the angler to design their own internal layout, while maintaining the airtight seal. Additionally, three extra strong locking clasps are fitted to ensure the tight seal remains locked tight, regardless of how the boxes are stored or transported. Two standard models are available, the large size at 360x230x50mm with 4-23 compartments, and the small at 275x185x50mm with 3-13 compartments.

There are also two slotted foam models that are double sided and measure 300x220x60mm for the large versions and 220x170x50mm for the small version. The slotted foam versions allow anglers to store fully rigged soft plastics or lures such as the Zerek Fish Trap and Flat Shad in a safe and convenient manner.


Zerek Gadget Z Double Sided Tray with Slotted Foam Large 300x220x60
Zerek Gadget Z Double Sided Tray with Slotted Foam Small  220x170x50
Zerek Gadget Z Airtight Tackle Tray Small 275x185x50
Zerek Gadget Z Airtight Tackle Tray Large 360x230x50
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Airtight – Large, Double Sided – Large, Double Sided – Small, Large, Small