Zerek Tango Shad 50mm Floating 1.6M


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Lumo Clear
Moon Dog*
Mud Gudgeon*
Red Devil
UV Green*

The 50mm Floating Tango Shad has been a raging success on a host of estuary and freshwater species. From flathead to bream, trout to redfin, this floating lure has been, and continues to be, responsible for some amazing captures.

But the team at Zerek Australia wanted more from this lure and in a total colour redesign, 19 colours have been added to this amazing lure to give anglers options like never before!

Attractor colours for dirty water, natural colours for clear water and UV colours to take advantage of the latest theories on fish’s vision see these lures cover every conceivable situation in terms of water conditions.



  • Length: 50mm 
  • Weight: 4g
  • Depth: 1.6m 
  • * UV active colours
Additional information

1.6m – Albino, 1.6m – Albino (A), 1.6m – Albino (UV), 1.6m – Ayu, 1.6m – Black (UV), 1.6m – Chartreuse, 1.6m – Chartreuse (CHT), 1.6m – Chartreuse (UV), 1.6m – Lum Clear, 1.6m – Lum Clear (LC), 1.6m – Lum Clear (UV), 1.6m – Moon Dog, 1.6m – Moon Dog (MD), 1.6m – Moon Dog (UV), 1.6m – Mud Gudgeon (BL), 1.6m – Mud Gudgeon (Black), 1.6m – Mud Gudgeon (Black) (UV), 1.6m – Red Devil, 1.6m – Red Devil (RD), 1.6m – UV Green, 1.6m – UV Green (UVG), 1.6m – Vogue, 1.6m – Vogue (UV), 1.6m – Vogue (VO), 1.6m Albino, 1.6m AYU, 1.6m Chartreuse, 1.6m Lum Clear, 1.6m Moon Dog, 1.6m Mud Gudgeon, 1.6m Red Devil, 1.6m UV Green, 1.6m Vogue, 1m – Ayu, 1m – AYU (UV), 1m – Fat Betty, 1m – Fat Betty (FAB), 1m – Fat Betty (UV), 1m – Mud Gudgeon, 1m – Mud Gudgeon (BL), 1m – Pink Bits, 1m – Pink Bits (PB), 1m – Pink Bits (UV), 1m – Red Devil, 1m – Red Devil (RD), 1m – Red Devil (UV), 1m – So Much, 1m – So Much (G), 1m – So Much (UV), 1m – UV Green, 1m – UV Green (UVG), 1m – Vogue, 1m – Vogue (UV), 1m – Vogue (VO), 1m AYU, 1m Fat Betty, 1m Mud Gudgeon, 1m Pink Bits, 1m Red Devil, 1m So Much, 1m UV Green, 1m Vogue, 2.5m – Fat Betty, 3-5m – Absinthe, 3-5m – Absinthe (AA), 3-5m – AYU, 3-5m – Fat Betty, 3-5m – Fat Betty (FAB), 3-5m – Lime Minnow, 3-5m – Lime Minnow (LM), 3-5m – Mud Gudgeon, 3-5m – Mud Gudgeon (BL), 3-5m – So Much, 3-5m – So Much (G), 3-5m – UV Green, 3-5m – UV Green (UVG), 3-5m Absinthe, 3-5m AYU, 3-5m Fat Betty, 3-5m Lime Minnow, 3-5m Mud Gudgeon, 3-5m So Much, 3-5m UV Green, Albino, Ayu, Chartreuse, Chartreuse*, Deep (3-5m) – So Much (UV), Lum Clear, Lumo Clear, Moon Dog, Moon Dog*, Mud Gudgeon, Mud Gudgeon*, Red Devil, Size 1.6m AYU, Size 1.6m Red Devil, Size 1.6m UV Green, Size 1m Fat Betty, Size 1m Pink Bits, Size 1m Red Devil, Size 1m UV Green, Size 1m Vogue, Size 2m AYU, Size 2m Pink Bits, Size 2m Red Devil, Size 2m UV Green, Size 2m Vogue, UV Green, UV Green*, Vogue, Vogue*