ZMan 4″ DieZel MinnowZ


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Bad Shad
Calico Candy
Gold Rush
Mood Ring
Motor oil
New Penny
Opening Night
Pearl Blue Glimmer
Sexy Mullet
Slam Shady

The ZMan 4″ DieZel MinnowZ was born from the success of the ZMan 3″ MinnowZ, a compact paddle tail plastic that has a knack for attracting the attention of everything from bass, flathead and jewies to mangrove jack and metre plus barra.

After numerous requests from anglers for a larger version of the MinnowZ the decision was made to create a 4″ paddle tail and the DieZel MinnowZ is the result. Like all ZMan ElaZtech plastics, the DieZel MinnowZ is 10X Tough, so you catch more fish per lure and super-soft and flexible, for maximum action and a realistic feel that keeps fish biting.

At 4 inches in length it is an extremely versatile and popular plastic that maintains the lively, yet subtle tail action of the 3″ MinnowZ, with a slightly longer, slimmer and deeper body profile that appeals to larger predatory species and fish that are feeding on larger profile baitfish. The inclusion of a belly slot allows for effective weedless rigging and it is a great place to squirt a bit of Pro-Cure Super Gel scent for added attraction. The DieZel MinnowZ has become a go-to for anglers chasing flathead, mulloway, mangrove jack, barramundi and more.


Jighead Selection:

TT Lures HeadlockZ HD – #3/0, #4/0, #5/0
TT Lures HeadlockZ Finesse – #3/0
TT Lures DemonZ – #3/0
TT Lures ChinlockZ & SnakelockZ weedless – #4/0


Pack Size: 5 baits per pack.

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Bad Shad, Calico Candy, Gold Rush, Green Lantern, Houdini, Mood Ring, Moodring, Motor oil, New Penny, Opening Night, Pearl, Pearl Blue Glimmer, Sexy Mullet, Slam Shady, Troutcicle

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