ZMan HerculeZ Swimbaits


4" Bad Shad
4" Gold Rush
4" Houdini
4" Mulletron
4" Opening Night
4" Pearl
4" Sexy Mullet
4" Shiner
5" Bad Shad
5" Gold Rush
5" Houdini
5" Mulletron
5" Opening Night
5" Pearl
5" Sexy Mullet
5" Shiner

Highly detailed baitfish sculpting and a smartly designed curved paddletail give the HerculeZ Swimbait a naturalistic appearance and swim action. The Herculez’ 10X Tough ElaZtech composition means you’ll fish this exceptional pre-rigged swimbait for miles and dozens of big bites, long before you wave the white flag. Heavy duty 5/0 or 7/0 Mustad UltraPoint hooks in 4″ or 5″ bait sizes, respectively, offer an ideal match for big, tough fresh- and saltwater gamefish. Jighead also includes a ventral eyelet for adding a second belly hook. Molded around 3/8-ounce (4″) and 5/8-ounce (5″) zinc weights, the HerculeZ Swimbait casts toward the horizon and sinks at an optimal rate for a variety of presentations. Swimbait profile features 3D eyes, ultra-detailed fins, gills and anatomy, each hand-painted in popular Z-Man color patterns.



  • Highly detailed swimbait available in 4″ and 5″ sizes
  • Exclusive curved paddle tail design for lifelike swimming action
  • 10X Tough ElaZtech® construction for extreme durability and longevity
  • Heavy duty 5/0 and 7/0 Mustad® UltraPoint® hooks ideally suited for big fish applications
  • Molded around 3/8 oz (4″) and 5/8 oz (5″) zinc weights for castability and perfect sink rate
  • Stainless wire hook hanger for attaching treble or stinger hook
  • 3D eyes and hand painted color schemes in popular Z-Man patterns
  • Ideal for big fish applications in fresh- and saltwater
  • Qty 1 per packet.
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4" Bad Shad, 4" Gold Rush, 4" Houdini, 4" Mulletron, 4" Opening Night, 4" Pearl, 4" Sexy Mullet, 4" Shiner, 5" Bad Shad, 5" Gold Rush, 5" Houdini, 5" Mulletron, 5" Opening Night, 5" Pearl, 5" Sexy Mullet, 5" Shiner