ZMan 4″ StreakZ Curly TailZ


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Coconut Ice Glow
Midnight Oil
Nuked Chicken Glow
Opening Night
Red Shad
Space Guppy

Another classic profile with a twist from ZMan. The 4″ StreakZ Curly TailZ are designed with a fat-minnow body that tapers to a large curly tail, that has an amazing action due to the ElaZtech construction which is super soft and flexible, yet 10X tougher than standard soft plastics. The Curly TailZ has proven deadly on flathead, snapper, bass, mulloway and loads more. What species can you add to the list?

The beauty of the ElaZtech construction is its softness and flexibility, allowing the tail to fold away when a fish strikes, even 25cm bream can inhale the whole lure. Being 10X tough means more fish per lure and more time fishing and less time rigging. The belly slot allows simple weedless rigging and the StreakZ Curly TailZ float allowing them to be fished on the surface with a TT Lures ChinlockZ.


Jighead Selection:

TT Lures HeadlockZ HD – #2/0, #3/0, #4/0
TT Lures HeadlockZ Finesse – #2/0, #3/0
TT Lures DemonZ – #2/0, #3/0
TT Lures ChinlockZ & SnakelockZ weedless – #3/0


Pack Size: 5 baits per pack.

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Bloodworm, Coconut Ice Glow, Houdini, Midnight Oil, Nuked Chicken Glow, Opening Night, Pearl, Red Shad, Space Guppy

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