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One of the boys sent these guys in from the Nerang last it was going off, plenty of fish there for the guys that want to catch a feed. 
Areas to Fish
If your heading up the river by boat jump on Google maps and look for silted up areas in the main channel, prior to leaving home generally there is a patch on every bend.  If your fishing of the bank you will be looking for sand areas to fish.

Rig to use
 The rig you want is a size 4 ball sinker with a 1metre trace size 6 or 4 long shank or bait holder hook. Using 6lb line and 10lb leader 
Tides to fish
you want to fish the out going tides.

Bait to use

Live Blood worms, live yabbies, also can use live beach worms but the larger fish will be caught on Blood worms 
This does work in other river systems but the tides may vary with bite times
Must of been hard for this jetski owner having to look but not touch with all the new rules lol so they have left at the ramp all by it's self OMG
Who can name this crab?? It was caught in the Broadwater...
Errol headed out today for a quick Mackeral fish and he came home with a few for this week's dinner, just using the good old pilchards from the shop, how did you go??
Joel and his mate came in on there way out today to catch them selves a feed of whiting, they used live yabbies with a long shank hook and a rolling ball sinker pretty easy to catch a feed. The biggest whiting went 42cm,  How did you go this weekend??

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