ATC Combat Plus V2 200 Baitcaster Reel

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The ATC Combat Plus V2 200/201 has been upgraded with new components and improved internal parts. Featuring the new open-frame V shape line guide that improves the smoothness at high drag pressures and with less resistance when casting, total disntace is significantly improved.

Improved brass gears are at the heart of the extra strength and durability and make this reel more robust and able to handle more pressure from heavy drag pressures and the constant casting of larger lures. This design allows the Combat V2 to maintain its solid 12kg drag pressure.

The V2 200 Combat Plus comes with shallow and deep spools and an additional power handle for offshore use opening up the uses to include Murray cod, barramundi, black jew, snapper, mulloway and fingermark up north to kingfish, snapper, salmon, Murray cod and mulloway down south.


Model Ratio Retrieve Weight CAP. Std CAP. Shallow Bearings Drag
V2 200 RH 7:1 76cm 225g 0.28/210m 0.20/120m 10+1 12kg
V2 201 LH 7:1 76cm 225g 0.28/210m 0.20/120m 10+1 12kg


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