ChaseBaits Gutsy Minnow


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100mm Deep - Green Pearl
100mm Deep - Herring
100mm Deep - Jelly Prawn
100mm Shallow - Green Pearl
100mm Shallow - Herring
100mm Shallow - Jelly Prawn
60mm Shallow - Green Pearl
60mm Shallow - Herring
60mm Shallow - Jelly Prawn
80mm Deep - Green Pearl
80mm Deep - Herring
80mm Deep - Jelly Prawn

The Gutsy Minnow is a hard bodied lure perfect for most freshwater and saltwater species. The range is available in multiple depths and sizes. They have included stick-on lead weight which allows you to adjust the lure between sinking, floating or suspending. 


How to use:

Either a continuous slow retrieve, twitch, or use varying speeds with intermittent pauses to attract attention.




– Realistic and life-like profile
– Decoy YS81 Trebles (80mm & 100mm)
– Decoy YS25 Trebles (60mm)



Shallow (1m) – 60mm / 6g

Deep (2.5m) – 80mm / 10.5g

Shallow (1m) – 100mm / 15.5g

Deep (2.5m) – 100mm / 17g

Additional information
Size and Colour

100mm Deep – Green Pearl, 100mm Deep – Herring, 100mm Deep – Jelly Prawn, 100mm Shallow – Green Pearl, 100mm Shallow – Herring, 100mm Shallow – Jelly Prawn, 60mm Shallow – Green Pearl, 60mm Shallow – Herring, 60mm Shallow – Jelly Prawn, 80mm Deep – Green Pearl, 80mm Deep – Herring, 80mm Deep – Jelly Prawn