Hook’em Oval Soft Lumo Beads


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Green 10x15mm (Qty 50)
Green 4x6mm (Qty 100)
Green 5x8mm (Qty 150)
Green 7x10mm (Qty 100)
Green 8x12mm (Qty 50)
Red 4x6mm (Qty 100)
Red 5x8mm (Qty 150)
Red 7x10mm (Qty 100)
Red 8x12mm (Qty 50)

Available in two colours and various sizes.

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Size and Colour

Green 10x15mm (Qty 50), Green 4x6mm (Qty 100), Green 5x8mm (Qty 150), Green 7x10mm (Qty 100), Green 8x12mm (Qty 50), Green Size 10x15mm 50pcs, Green Size 4x6mm 100pcs, Green Size 5x8mm 150pcs, Green Size 7x10mm 100pcs, Green Size 8x12mm 50pcs, Red 4x6mm (Qty 100), Red 5x8mm (Qty 150), Red 7x10mm (Qty 100), Red 8x12mm (Qty 50), Red Size 4x6mm 100pcs, Red Size 5x8mm 150pcs, Red Size 7x10mm 100pcs, Red Size 8x12mm 50pcs