Maxima IGFA Tournament Line Pink


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10kg/20lb (1000m)
15kg/30lb (1000m)
24kg/50lb (1000m)
37kg/80lb (1000m)

One of the key features of the Maxima IGFA Tournament Fishing Line is its durability and overall resistance to both the punishment from saltwater as well as bigger fishes. Since this particular line is designed to hold its own against the rigors of the most challenging of fishes, it delivers solid performances within its own weight class. Tested for both regular angling and tournament fishing, this line follows the International Game Fishing Association requirements to perfection.

Comes in 1000m spools.



  • Spool Length: 1000m
  • Colour: Pink
  • IGFA line class requirements
  • Tournament tested
  • Designed for use in saltwater and freshwater
  • Strong and dependable
  • Available in 8kg/0.35mm Dia, 10kg/0.42mm, 15kg/0.52mm, 24kg/0.65mm or 37kg/0.70mm


With hundreds of world records on the books, Maxima line has earned its reputation as the world’s finest line through the results logged over the last 60 years. Maxima IGFA line meets the requirements of tournaments operating under IGFA rules where lines are designed to break at specific weight standards. Consistent, reliable, strong, abrasion resistant and stealthy, Maxima IGFA Class Line holds up to the rigors of challenging fish.

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10kg/20lb (1000m), 15kg/30lb (1000m), 24kg/50lb (1000m), 37kg/80lb (1000m)