Mustad UltraPoint 36330NP-DS Saltism Treble Hooks


The 4X strong wire hook is a perfect replacement hook for your lures and crankbaits. Compared to standard treble hooks, the eye is positioned directly “In line” with the hook facing downwards. This allows it to align with the belly of a lure, and enhances balance and stability as the lure is fished through the water. The hook features micro barbs for easy hookset and is available in DuraSteel finish.

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Strong treble in the Ultrapoint range – the saltism. Featuring slimmer, chemically sharpened points for easier penetration, these 4X trebles are 30% stronger and designed for brute strength.


These hooks have a slightly wider gape than the 36329NPBN for better hook ups and the shorter shank also reduces the occurrence of hooks tangling – always an issue when you upgrade your treble hooks.


Light weight, Durasteel coated for up to 600 hours of use in saltwater, forged for extra strength and with an in-line eye designed specifically for use on lures, the Mustad UltraPoint 4x trebles will become a staple for anglers who retrofit their lures for species such as bass, barra, Murray cod, mangrove jack and trevally.


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