RWB Marine Boat Bungs (Drain Plugs)


RWB Marine Boat Bungs in a range of styles and sizes. Please select a variant below to see more information or scroll to the bottom to view details on the full range available.

LGE Complete Set
LGE Plug Only
MED Complete Set
MED Plug Only
Rubber #10 27mm
Rubber #3 13mm
Rubber #5 16mm
Rubber #7 19mm
Rubber #9 23mm
SML Coarse Thread
SML Coarse Thread Set
SML Fine Thread
XL Set Black
XL Set White

Drain Plugs Standard Plastic – Deluxe

High quality Australian made all plastic drain plugs completed with coloured plastic washer and retainer lug. Internal flow size: 17mm | Hole cut-out size: 25mm

  • RWB1949 – SML Fine Thread 
  • RWB1947 – SML Coarse Thread
  • RWB1946 – SML Coarse Thread Set


TENOB Drain Plugs

Original TENOB brand high quality medium size drain plugs manufactured in NZ from UV resistance nylon material with a neoprene “O” ring seal and the unique “TENOB” full flow retainer ring design. 


MED – the 25mm internal flow size gives 50% large drain capacity than standard sized 17mm internal flow drain plugs. 30mm cut-out holes and 2 x 4mm countersunk fastening holes.

  • RWB1746 – MED Plug Only
  • RWB1745 – MED Complete Set


LRG – Features a large 35mm internal flow size; large enough to allow prawn heads etc to pass through. 40mm cut-out hole. 4 x 4mm countersunk fastening holes.

  • RWB0645 – LRG Plug Only
  • RWB0635 – LRG Complete Set


XL – Features an extra-large 44mm internal flow size. 4 x 4mm countersunk fastening holes. Requires a 50mm cut-out hole. Available in black or white.

  • RWB671 – Black Complete XL drain plug
  • RWB673 – White Complete XL drain plug

Please note – All listings are for a single bung without fitting unless specified.


Rubber Bungs:

  • #3 – 13mm
  • #5 – 16mm
  • #7 – 19mm
  • #9 – 23mm
  • #10 – 27mm
Additional information

LGE Complete Set, LGE Plug Only, MED Complete Set, MED Plug Only, Rubber #10 27mm, Rubber #3 13mm, Rubber #5 16mm, Rubber #7 19mm, Rubber #9 23mm, SML Coarse Thread, SML Coarse Thread Set, SML Fine Thread, XL Set Black, XL Set White