Storm So-Run Makan Minnow – Scent Infused


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Golden Shiner (GS)
Pearl Shad (PSD)
Pro White
Silver Shiner (SS)

Designed by Storm’s Japanese development team, the So-Run Makan Minnow incorporates subtle design tweaks that other soft baits don’t feature in order to achieve maximum action in all areas. At a slow to medium retrieve, the Makan Minnow kicks its tail wildly as the body rolls from side-to-side. At high speed the lure exaggerates its body roll and wide tail kicking action whilst maintaining balance if rigged correctly. These slight, precise differences are what makes Storm’s So-Run soft baits come to life in the water.



  • 4″ paddle tail
  • Minnow Shape
  • Strong rolling action with wide tail kick
  • Action gets stronger and more pronounced at higher speeds
  • Ribbed, textured body for added vibration
  • Ideal for fast & slow speed retrieves.
  • All packs come with 6 lures.
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Golden Shiner, Golden Shiner (GS), Pearl Shad, Pearl Shad (PSD), Pro White, Silver Shiner, Silver Shiner (SS)