Strike Pro Enticers Finesse Crabs


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Black Crab (UV)
Blue Swimmer Crab
Olive Crab (UV)
Red Claw Crab (UV)

The Strike Pro Enticers Finesse Crab is the most realistic soft plastic crab ever developed with a superb action that just looks like the real thing.

It can be rigged on a standard bullet type jighead and used with a lift and drop technique, or just slow rolled over the bottom. It can also be rigged on a HWS for a slow flutter on the drop, rigged with a Cobra style jighead to stand up in a strike pose or even rigged on a 90 degree jig hook to fish across the top of oyster racks, snags and structure.

The Enticers Finesse Crabs are a neutral buoyant soft plastic that drops and sinks like a real crab. Its legs flutter and move just like a natural crab does as well and they are scent infused to smell just like a real thing!

Deadly on Bream, Estuary Perch, Bass, Snapper, Drummer and all species that prey on crabs. 



  • Approx 23mm x 20mm
  • Qty 6 per pkt
  • Scent infused
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Black Crab, Black Crab (UV), Blue Swimmer, Blue Swimmer Crab, Olive Crab, Olive Crab (UV), Red Claw Crab (UV), Redclaw Crab (UV), Redclaw UV