Vexed iDict Jig Head


100g IABR
100g LG
100g ORSG
150g IABR
150g LG
150g ORSG
200g IABR
200g LG
200g ORSG
300g IABR
300g LG
300g ORSG

The Vexed iDict Head may not be all that easy on the eye, but fish simply can’t resist eating it. The iDict is fitted with a stainless Harbor hook and split ring, and has a super intense glow and UV finish to attract fish from lumps away. This head has been specifically designed for Vexed iDict soft bait, but will descend any other soft baits to the ocean floor fast and direct.


Colours Available:

  • IABR – It’s A Bleeder Red Glow
  • ORSG – Orange Red Spot Glow
  • LG – Lumo Glow
Additional information

100g IABR, 100g LG, 100g ORSG, 150g IABR, 150g LG, 150g ORSG, 200g IABR, 200g LG, 200g ORSG, 300g IABR, 300g LG, 300g ORSG