EcogearAqua Soft Plastic Lures – Bream Prawn


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King Prawn AU01 (Qty 8)
Kiwi Shrimp AU12 (Qty 8)
Salt & Pepper AU03 (Qty 8)
White Glow AU11 (Qty 8)

The EcogearAqua Bream Prawn is a new product from Ecogear Aqua which has been under development and refinement for years. The Ecogear Aqua Bream Prawn was released at the AFTA show and scooped the pool taking the top gonga as the “Best Soft Lure Award” for the show. The Ecogearaqua Bream Prawns are a biodegradable soft lure and are impregnanted with additives that have been tested specifically to target Bream but will also entice other fish. The are sold in a resealable plastic packet which keeps them in the specially formulated scent for longer without making a mess through your tacklebox. If your fishing for Bream and other estuary species you simply must have the bream prawns in your tackle box, or even better on your hook!

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King Prawn AU01 (Qty 8), Kiwi Shrimp (AU12) – 6pcs, Kiwi Shrimp AU12 – (Qty 6), Kiwi Shrimp AU12 (Qty 8), Salt & Pepper (AU03) – 6pcs, Salt & Pepper AU03 – (Qty 6), Salt & Pepper AU03 (Qty 8), White Glow (AU11) – 6pcs, White Glow AU11 – (Qty 6), White Glow AU11 (Qty 8)