FatBoy Lures C4-Tube


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6" F05 Evil
6" F18 Purple Passion
6" F33 Lumo
6" F62 Hawaii Five-O
8" F05 Evil
8" F18 Purple Passion
8" F31 Halloween
8" F62 Hawaii Five-O

The FatBoy Lures C4-Tube is an explosive lure that has been designed for maximum action and attraction. Ideal for all Billfish & Tuna species, the C4-Tube features a balanced keel-weight to keep it tracking properly through the water. The C4-Tube can be fished from most positions in the spread, though it is a great choice for the long corner and long rigger positions. The C4-Tube will add plenty of splash and activity to your trolling pattern, just the thing to draw aggressive strikes from species such as Striped & Blue Marlin, Yellowfin & Southern Bluefin Tuna and Mahi Mahi.



  • 6″ or 8″ skirt lengths
  • All FatBoy Lures come rigged by professionals to International IGFA Standards with High Quality Hi-Seas Monofilament and a single Sabre 192S Stainless Steel Hook.
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6" F05 Evil, 6" F18 Purple Passion, 6" F33 Lumo, 6" F5 Evil, 6" F62 Hawaii Five-O, 8" – F05 Evil, 8" – F12 Bonito, 8" – F14 Pain Killer, 8" – F33 Lumo, 8" – F39 Live Wire, 8" F05 Evil, 8" F12 Bonito, 8" F14 Pain Killer, 8" F18 Purple Passion, 8" F31 Halloween, 8" F33 Lumo, 8" F39 Live Wire, 8" F62 Hawaii Five-O, 8" F63 Hawaii Five-O, F05 Evil, F12 Bonito, F14 Pain Killer, F18 Purple Passion, F31 Halloween, F33 Lumo, F39 Live Wire, F63 Hawaii Five-O