Giesser Knives & Accessories


Made from quality German Steel, Giesser Knives are sure to impress. Best of all, they’re razor sharp straight from the box.

9924 Sharpening Steel
9950 Sharpening Steel
Fish Knife with Scaler
Flex Boning Knife
Rigid Boning Knife

Knife features:

  • Very soft and slide-proof handle with a hard core for absolute stabiity
  • Angular transition from handle to blade insuring very easy re-sharpening of the blade
  • Textured handle for grip advantage and safety
  • Each blade is serially numbered for perfect identification and tacking of the knife
  • Lifetime warranty on materials
  • German steel & materials
  • Sheath included

Knife Options:

  • Flex Boning Knife – 15cm -Curved
  • Rigid Boning Knife – 15cm – Curved
  • Fish Knife with Scaler – 15cm – Flex & Straight
  • 9950 Sharpening Steel – 20cm
  • 9924 Sharpening Steel – 25cm

Sharpening steels:

9924 (25cm)  – Medium/fine steel – Hard chrome plated and rust resistant – Round

9950 (20cm) – Stainless steel – Round

Please note: Age restricted – you must be 18+ to purchase any knives.


Additional information

9924 Sharpening Steel, 9950 Sharpening Steel, Fish Knife with Scaler, Flex Boning Knife, Rigid Boning Knife