Rapala Knives


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10" Curved Fillet
12" Curved Fillet
4" Soft Grip Fillet
6.5" Straight Fillet
6" Soft Grip Fillet
7.5" Soft Grip Fillet
7" Medallion + Sheath
8" Straight Fillet
Combo Pack

Straight Fillet – Salt Anglers Straight Fillet:

This medium flex, sturdy razor sharp blade has enough flexibility for tight areas, precision cuts and fine detail. Made by Marttiini with corrosionresistant European stainless steel, known to take and hold an ultra-sharp edge. Progressively tapered blade with a polished finish is fitted with an ergonomically designed, co-moldedhandle for a comfortable grip. Vented sheath allows for quick drying.


Curved Fillet – Salt Anglers Curved Fillet:

Made for filleting and steaking big game fish, this no flex razor-sharp blade with ergonomic co-molded handle is the first choice of deck hands and seasoned veterans of the salt. Polished progressively tapered corrosion resistant blade made by Marttiini with European stainless steel takes and holds an ultra-sharp edge. Vented sheath allows for quick drying.


Soft Grip Fillet:

The famous Rapala flexible blade with a no-slip, soft grip handle for filleting comfort. Enlarged finger guard for added safety. Comes complete with coordinated black textured sheath. Includes single-stage sharpener.


EZ Glide Fillet:

Effortlessly fillet with scalloped blade and non-stick PTFE FILLET treated blade. Scallops introduce air between blade and fish to prevent sticking and tearing. Easy-clean ventilated sheath.


Combo Pack Contains:

  • 6″ Fillet Knife
  • Fisherman’s Pliers
  • Line Clipper
  • Lure Tuning Tool


Medallion – Black Medallion Filleting Knife with Sheath:

Rapala Black Medallion knives have a slim, stainless steel blade for remarkable strength and long-lasting cutting edge. Seamless, hygienic bolster handle construction yields precision balance. Available in a 5 inch or 7 inch blade.


6″ Hawk Filleting Knife with Sheath:

Contoured hard plastic handle with textured finish for sure grip and substantial finger guard to protect against slips. Stainless steel blade is flexible enough for the most delicate filleting projects yet stout enough for steaking. Hawk Fillet Knife is protected by easy clean open sheath. Blade 15cm. Handle 12 cm.



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