Halco Lockweld Wire Kit


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100lb - 10 metres
20lb - 10 metres
40lb - 10 metres
60lb - 10 metres
80lb - 10 metres

A crimp-free single-knot wire trace system designed for maximum strength and minimal rigging time. Suitable for beginners to professional fisherman, the Halco Lockweld Wire Kit features 7-strand stainless steel wire with a black nylon coating to seal out water and improve the lifespan of your line. The coating provides additional strength and abrasion-resistance against the sharpest teeth in the sea.

Cut your Lockweld Wire Kit trace to the desired length, leaving 15cm spare, and connect to the line leader with your preferred knot. Next, simply use a heated flame to weld the wire together. Trim the excess and your rig is ready to go.

The Halco Lockweld Wire Kit is soft and flexible, making it easy to handle. The 7-strand stainless wire is proven to be one of the strongest on the market, and can handle any trolling speed. When trolling offshore with lures, don’t lose your gear to sharks, tailor or mackerel!

The Halco Lockweld Wire Kit has a line rating from 20 to 100 pounds.

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100lb – 10 metres, 20lb – 10 metres, 40lb – 10 metres, 60lb – 10 metres, 80lb – 10 metres