Halco Slidog Lures


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105 Chrome Tiger
105 Hoodlum
105 Pilchard
105H Lumo
105H Trout Envy
105H White RedHead
125 Fusilier
125 White RedHead
85 Gin Clear
85 Mustard Grunter
85 Silver Shadow




This lure hits the absolute sweet spot! So if you’re into launching a lure out over the horizon and looking for that bone jarring, nerve rattling, knee jerking strike as you rip it back… then look no further! The Slidog 105 is the stickbait that brings versatility to a new level. Work it slow on the surface and wait for that boil. Work it fast with an erratic twitch and wait for your reel to start smoking! Or see what happens when you let it sink… the Slidog 105 has an irresistible shimmy on the way down meaning even demersal species love to to swallow it.



The Slidog range has expanded with a heavier version of the irresistible Slidog 105. This Slidog 105H weighs 40 grams (as opposed to the previous 28g) so casts like an absolute bullet! It is available in 6 of your favourite slidog colours, and of course maintains the signature shimmy on the sink that has made the Slidogs famous!



Everyone loves a good underdog story! The new Slidog 125 joins our stickbait pack just under the Slidog 150 and is sure to bark just as loud! Featuring the same highly versatile actionthat attracts beasts from the deep, the 125 is packed into a compact body profile that will be applicable in countless shallow and midwater situations.

The lure will be in its element being belted out over bubbling bait schools to entice pelagics at pace, but just as deadly being slowly twitched amongst shallow bombies, terrorizing territorial coral trout and spangled emperor populations.

Featuring the ever-reliable 1/0 Mustad Trebles and our legendary ultra tough 4xx fish rings, the Slidog 125 is equipped to fight well above its weight class.

The lure is 125mm long and weighs in at 52g, allowing for epic castability with a medium casting outfit, inevitably covering more ground and finding more fish.

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105 – Chrome Tiger, 105 – Hoodlum, 105 – Pilchard, 105 Chrome Tiger, 105 Hoodlum, 105 Pilchard, 105H Lumo, 105H Trout Envy, 105H White RedHead, 125 – Fusilier, 125 – White Red Head, 125 Fusilier, 125 White Red Head, 125 White RedHead, 85 Gin Clear, 85 Mustard Grunter, 85 Silver Shadow