Maxima Ultragreen One Shot Monofilament Line


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10lb / 0.30mm / 200m
15lb / 0.37mm / 300m
20lb / 0.42mm / 300m
25lb / 0.50mm / 300m
30lb / 0.55mm / 280m
40lb / 0.60mm / 230m
4lb / 0.17mm / 250m
6lb / 0.22mm / 230m
8lb / 0.25mm / 200m

Maxima Ultragreen is virtually invisible to fish which means more strikes for you. This premium line has the unique ability to match the colour of surrounding water. Rays of light are absorbed rather than reflected presenting your lure or bait most naturally. MAXIMA keeps’em caught.

Ultragreen- though often attempted, no other manufacturer has duplicated the exclusive colour and characteristics of Maxima’s Ultragreen. This line becomes virtually invisible under water. Ultragreen is also soft and limp, yet retains Maxima’s legendary tough, high durability finish for excellent abrasion resistance.

Ultragreen is the best all-around line for a variety of freshwater and general saltwater fishing, spooling and casting well on spinning, baitcasting and larger conventional reels.

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10lb / 0.30mm / 200m, 15lb / 0.37mm / 300m, 20lb / 0.42mm / 300m, 25lb / 0.50mm / 300m, 30lb / 0.55mm / 280m, 40lb / 0.60mm / 230m, 4lb / 0.17mm / 250m, 6lb / 0.22mm / 230m, 8lb / 0.25mm / 200m