Rapala Countdown Magnum


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11cm Blue Sardine
11cm Red Head
11cm Silver Mackerel
11cm Wahoo UV
14cm Red Head
14cm Red Head UV
14cm Silver Mackerel
14cm Wahoo UV
18cm Red Head
18cm Red Head UV
18cm Silver Mackerel
18cm Wahoo UV
22cm Red Head
22cm Silver Mackerel
7cm Red Head
7cm Wahoo UV
9cm Red Head
9cm Wahoo UV

The legendary Rapala Magnum is one of the world’s most effective freshwater and saltwater lures – credited for numerous world record catches. The Floating and Sinking Countdown models are extremely versatile and can be worked from top-to-bottom and perform at all rates of retrieve. Magnum lures have tough wooden bodies with classic Rapala “wounded-minnow” swimming action. Cast or trolled, appropriate for all species of game fish.



  • Super Tough Abashi Wood Construction
  • Controlled Sinking Model
  • Deep Diving Metal Lip
  • Anti-Broach Design
  • Rugged Stainless Hardwear
  • Natural and Stimulator Patterns
  • Sinking
  • Hand-Tuned and Tank-Tested
  • Targets: Kingfish, Barramundi, Giant Trevally, Salmon, Tailor, Mackeral, Tuna, Wahoo
  • Style: Trolling
  • Running Depth: 2.7 – 7.5m
  • Environment: Saltwater


Model Number Body Length (cm) Weight (g) Treble Hooks Running Depth
CDMAG07 7cm 12g No. 3 & 1 2.7-3.3m
CDMAG09 9cm 17g Two No. 2 3.6-4.5m
CDMAG11 11cm 24g Two No. 1 3.9-4.5m
CDMAG14 14cm 36g Two No. 2/0 4.5-5.4m
CDMAG18 18cm 70g Two No. 4/0 5.4-6.3m
CDMAG22 22cm 100g Two No. 7/0 5.4-7.5m
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11cm Blue Sardine, 11cm Red Head, 11cm Redhead, 11cm Silver Mackerel, 11cm Wahoo UV, 14cm Red Head, 14cm Red Head UV, 14cm Redhead, 14cm Redhead UV, 14cm Silver Mackerel, 14cm Wahoo UV, 18cm Red Head, 18cm Red Head UV, 18cm Redhead, 18cm Redhead UV, 18cm Silver Mackerel, 18cm Wahoo UV, 22cm Red Head, 22cm Redhead, 22cm Silver Mackerel, 7cm Red Head, 7cm Redhead, 7cm Wahoo UV, 9cm Red Head, 9cm Redhead, 9cm Wahoo UV, CDMAG18 SM