RWB Marine Plough Anchors (Available in-store only)


4.5kg (RWB7265)

Galvanised Plough Anchors – “STANDFAST” galvanised plough anchors are made from steel plate with a hot dipped galvanised finish. They include a reverse recovery eye and a lead filled head. The Plough anchor is classed as a high holding power anchor and have long been favourites of cruising yachts and craft of all type.


SKU Weight Pounds Weight KG Suggested boat size
RWB7265 10 4.5 6 metres
RWB7266 15 6.7 7 metres
RWB7267 20 8.9 8 metres
RWB7268 27 12 9 metres
RWB7270 35 16 11 metres
RWB7271 45 20 13 metres
RWB7272 60 27 15 metres
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4.5kg (RWB7265)