TT Lures Jig Spinners


Brass #1 (Qty 3)
Brass #2 (Qty 3)
Brass #3 (Qty 3)
Brass #4 (Qty 2)

Add flash and vibration to your soft plastic presentation by rigging with a TT Jig Spinner.

Jig Spinners simply clip onto the eye of your jighead and you attach your line to the centre of the bend of the wire frame, the soft plastic swimming below your line and the blade rotating above, creating flash and vibration.

These handy additions have been known to turn tough bites into cricket score catches on freshwater species, with saltwater anglers thinking outside the box and clipping on a Jig Spinner to attract the attention of flathead, trevally, and a variety of other species.

Constructed from quality materials, including a sturdy stainless steel wire frame and blades that are manufactured from brass blanks, so they won’t rust. Jig Spinners feature Colorado blades, that are available in both nickel-plated (silver) and bright gold finishes (brass). 

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4 (Qty 2), Brass – 4 (Qty 2), Brass #1 (Qty 3), Brass #2 (Qty 3), Brass #3 (Qty 3), Brass #4 (Qty 2), Size 4 (Qty 2)