Vexed Occy Head Skirts


4" Full Glow
4" Orange Glow
4" Pink Glow
4" White Glow
5" Full Glow
5" Orange Glow
5" Pink Glow
5" White Glow
6" Full Glow
6" Orange Glow
6" Pink Glow
6" White Glow
7" Full Glow
7" Orange Glow
7" Pink Glow
7" White Glow
8" Full Glow
8" Orange Glow
8" Pink Glow
8" White Glow

The Vexed Occy Head Skirt imitates a vunerable juvenile octopus that has ventured to far out from its hole. All deep water and demersal species love eating octopus, so we thought it was time to create the Vexed Occy head skirt. The super stretchy Vexed Occy Head Skirt has been developed using the latest “Stretch Flex” plastic Technology making it the toughest, stretchiest and most durable plastic on the market. These little Occy’s are also packed with Glow & UV. To make them even more irresistible, we have had them impregnated with scientifically proven amino based pheromone attractant that will attract fish to the bait. Once they get bit, the fish will not want to let go! The Vexed Occy Head Skirt can be used on a jig head or as a teaser on a paternoster rig. 

Qty 3 per pack.

Additional information

4" Full Glow, 4" Full Glow UV, 4" Orange Glow, 4" Pink Glow, 4" Pink Glow UV, 4" White Glow, 5" Full Glow, 5" Orange Glow, 5" Pink Glow, 5" Pink Glow UV, 5" White Glow, 5" White Glow UV, 6" Full Glow, 6" Orange Glow, 6" Pink Glow, 6" Pink Glow UV, 6" White Glow, 6" White Glow UV, 7" Full Glow, 7" Orange Glow, 7" Pink Glow, 7" White Glow, 8" Full Glow, 8" Orange Glow, 8" Pink Glow, 8" White Glow, 9" Orange Glow