YUM Crawbug


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2.5" Crawdad
2.5" Green Pumpkin
2.5" Grn Pumpk./Tx Red
3" Crawdad
3" Grn Pumpk./Chart.
3" Grn Pumpk./Tx Red

The YUM CrawBug is a finesse craw that can be threaded on a jig hook or Texas rigged for finicky bass. The super realism of the CrawBug make it fantastic in clear water. It’s got a hollow body so you can rig it various ways, from an internal jig head to Texas rigging.

YUM use the latest technology to create baits that give you an unfair advantage against both fish and other fishermen. It doesn’t matter if you’re fishing a top-tier tournament or just fishing for the big one, YUM baits will produce when others fail. YUM’s intense attractant is the scientific secret ingredient. It includes natural baitfish enzymes that University research proves trigger a feeding response in bass and other gamefish. The baits themselves were inspired by nature and have been tested to ensure they represent the leading edge of bass fishing technology. Extensive laboratory research proves the power of YUM – fish strike harder and hold on to YUM longer than competing plastic baits.



  • Style: Soft-body lure
  • Size: 2.5″ (62mm) or 3″ (75mm)
  • Qty: 8 baits per pkt
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2.5" Crawdad, 2.5" Crawdad (Qty 8), 2.5" Green Pumpkin, 2.5" Grn Pumpk./Tx Red, 3" Crawdad, 3" Grn Pumpk./Chart., 3" Grn Pumpk./Tx Red